The Brandon Smith Band


Brandon Smith - Lead Singer-Songwriter-Guitar/Bass

"Brandon began playing in bands at the ripe age of 10 in the fall of 2001. Since then, he's shared the playbill with artists such as; Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols, Man Overboard, Taking Back Sunday, The Menzingers, letlive, Lucero, Jesse Lacey, and dozens more. 
In January 2012, Brandon started the alt-punk outfit, Urethra Franklin and released the well-received 'Welcome To Rio Grande', which received high critical acclaim as well as the hit single, "Hide The Bottle".
In 2014, Brandon started the Brandon Smith Band with former Urethra Franklin bandmate, Sassy McSass on bass guitar, and new drummer Dustin Showers. 
December 23rd, 2014 marked the official release of Brandon's first solo EP, 'Honey, I'm Homeless' (©2014 Cat.House Sound, LLC) which features fast-paced pop-punk/alternative with heartfelt lyrics and catchy hooks.

Dustin Showers - Drums-Vocals-Bass


Sasquatch "Sassy" McSass - Bass-Vocals

"Conceived in the sexual revolution that was the roaring 20's, Sassy grew up in a farmhouse in downtown Oakland, CA. After the depression, times got tough and Sassy was drafted into World War II. Brian Williams was there. After gypsying around the eastern U.S. and living in cars, Sassy decided he needed to put his musical talent to the test. After some dramatic occurrences, Sassy joined the Alternative-Punk trio, Urethra Franklin. After some member changes, Urethra Franklin dissolved and singer Brandon Smith drafted Sassy to play the bass and sing in his live band. The rest is history."