Honey, I'm Homeless



Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith


“Brandie” written by Brandon Smith

1. Am I the right one? Do you know it’s true? Can you please me? Can I lie to you? We’ll just lie here, listen to Astral Weeks, can you deal with, this album on repeat?

Br. I see it in your eyes 

2. ‘cause in the dark it’s hard to see anything and I wanna just feel you breathe, and your pale skin, in the dark is where we’ll always be / is this your first kiss? can you forget your past? can i tell you? i hope this won’t be our last

Ch. Tonight, you know I can’t sleep without you by my side / Can we try to make this right? Tonight, I know that you can’t see, someday you’ll be with me / and you’ll have all you’ll ever need


©2014 Brandon Smith ASCAP