Honey, I'm Homeless



Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith


"Catchy" written by Brandon Smith 

1. There’s a catchy chorus in my head / A beautiful dove inside my bed / I lose my common sense, my sense of touch is left / Left-handed compliments, are the only ones I give / I’d give my right hand, to be in love again 

Ch. I’ll catch you next July, right now my tongue is tied / You’re the only one I want, so hard to satisfy / Imagine you and I, 10,000 years go by / and you’re still the one I’ll always stand by

2. If I could explain myself to you / Would I know just what to do? / Regress to 17, 22 years all meant nothing / I forgot how to speak my mind once your lips fell into mine / Is that the right way? I fell in love this time


©2014 Brandon Smith ASCAP