Honey, I'm Homeless


Hide the Bottle

Urethra Franklin
Brandon Smith


“Hide The Bottle” written by Brandon Smith

1. You find friendship in a bottle / You find solace in a can / Your friends are all stale in the back of the fridge and now you’re left with the taste of betrayal and headache to match / Maybe one day when you’re lonely you’ll hang out with your stash

Ch. ‘Cause it’s fun when you’re 17 / Not so fun when you’re 23 and now you’re / Burned out on life / Hide the bottle tonight (From yourself / From everyone else)

2. Can we hear about your tour in Vietnam? / I wanna hear about all the women that “I’ve took too long / to sleep with” so you came and made the save / thank you, God I wish all my friends were underage


©2013 Brandon Smith ASCAP