Honey, I'm Homeless



Urethra Franklin
Brandon Smith


“Sight” written by Brandon Smith

(Intro) Such a sight for sore eyes and a bleeding sunrise, tonight I will fight, so read me my last rites and I, I won’t give it up this time

1. Now we’re here right on time and I feel my lungs burn, my last cigarette makes my stomach turn and I’m alright so here are my last words:

Ch. And I know why I’m lost / And I feel like I’m giving up

2. Give me a gun, black pen, and a spiral notebook, my words fade away as you give me one last look and I am writing one last note to you / I don’t deserve to express my endless sadness, and I know you’d pretend to try to fix this, but I see through all your bullshit

Br. I know I don’t deserve this


©2013 Brandon Smith ASCAP