Honey, I'm Homeless


Stolen (feat. Nancy Malcun)

Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith


“Stolen” written by Brandon Smith

 1. You told me your mother always told you not to trust a man with blue eyes, I’m here to tell you that she’s right / I can be trusted as far as I can be thrown, I said to you that night and you told me that you knew

 Pre-chorus: And if my heart is still attached, would you call it broken? If I feel my lungs collapse, will you still give me one less reason to feel my insides rotting out from this never-ending dream that won’t come true? 

 Ch. Give me one last kiss, I promise you’ll regret it, like I regret everyone I’ve ever met / ‘Cause I’ve lost what you have stolen and you still are my last regret, you have my heart in 7 pieces in a box under your bed

2. I’ll be the best friend you’ll ever lose and the brightest eyes you’ll wake up to and you never believed the words I said / I look into those deep blue eyes, feels like a dream I’ve had before where they were just another lie

3. Did you think that this was over, I’m just getting started in this fucked-up head of mine / And if I told you that I loved you, would you still punch me in the face, tell me that I’m mistaken, and I don’t feel a goddamn thing?


©2014 Brandon Smith ASCAP